Ruining out of your student loan? Needing some extra money to support your busy social life? Wanting to work in one of the most exciting cities in the world? Does this sound exactly like you?

Well you have come to the right place, StudentJob UK have put together 5 ways on how to secure the perfect student job for you, in the city of London. Yes the beautiful city of London. In today’s society it has become more difficult to find a job especially in major cities.

This is due to the mass amount of students going for similar jobs.

Therefore meaning, as a student, you need to be one step ahead of the game, you need to stand out from the crowd. Be creative, motivated, driven and nothing will get in your way.

An experience like this can not only allows you as a student to receive some extra money but you get to work in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Therefore most importantly allowing you to gain some valuable life and work experience’s along the way.

!1 Cyberspace

Searching the web

Hours and hours spent using the internet, can now be used for a useful purpose, yes it’s time to search for a job. Don’t panic, it is not hard, there are lots of great student job websites out there, providing students with brilliant opportunities, working part-time and full-time in London. Sites such as StudentJob, who are devoted in to finding students just like you, jobs in the region of their choice.

For example: Student Jobs in London. Student Job sites like this, allow students to utilize these types of sources, to have direct contact with companies and possibly discover their future career paths.

Another way of making the use of internet for a worthwhile purpose, is to use your distractions to an advantage! Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and many more social networking sites are a great way of discovering interesting vacancies that may be perfect for you.

Benefit: As a student, you can have a wider range of vacancies, meaning more choice from different companies and different roles.

Limitation: You will need access to the internet to utilize these sources, as you cannot search for these types of sites without it.

!2 Travelling back in time

Utilizing traditional resources

As a student sometimes the basic resources can be forgotten due to this technology hype. It is extremely important that you utilize all your resources, as there may be the perfect vacancy hidden right there.

Resources like newspapers, yes you heard correctly, we said newspapers. If you’re thinking of staying local and looking for a job somewhere around you. The use of newspapers are essential for vacancies of your local businesses, especially around the booming city of London.

Another useful resource would be to use your Careers Department at your university, college or school. As they may have partnerships with local businesses, who are offering vacancies for student candidates just like yourselves. Remember, utilize all your resources, as it may surprise you what you can find!

Benefits: Newspapers are easy accessible, allowing students like yourselves to check out local vacancies.

Limitations: Potentially more time consuming, takes a little longer to find and requires more effort from the student searching for a job.

!3 Meet ‘n’ Greet

Communication is key

Networking has become a great way of not only meeting people but relevant people to your careers needs and wants. Another benefit of networking would be the contacts you create are for life, however this is only if you follow them up after meeting them. This is extremely important that you do this because you never know when you may need them.

We would recommended sending them an email or a personal letter, just saying thank you for taking the time out of their day to speak to you and be creative about it. Therefore making a lasting memory, something that will feel familiar when you next get in touch.

Do not forget other great resources, which may be right under your nose! Ask around! People who you come in contact everyday with, may just know the answer to your question. There is no harm in asking:

Experts (university staff or outside professionals)
Any guidance or advice they can give you is important and you must take this on board and apply it to this process.

Benefits: Networking allows you to create contacts for life, not just for the present needs but the future ones too.

Limitations: Sometimes people do not have time to speak with you at that particular point, but do not see this as set back! Keep on trying, till someone else does.

4! Take to the streets

Show off your skills

All depending on what type of job role you are searching for, it is important to get yourself out there. As it can make a huge different to the end result, of either getting the job or not. Job roles like Bar staff and Store assistants, require certain skills such as outgoing, sociable, confident and enthusiastic. This due the amount of contact, the staff have to the public/customers.

So they want their company to reflect good, through the staff they hire. By getting yourself out there, it allows you to show them, in person, these skills and really let them get to know you. Therefore increasing your chances of actually getting the job. If you are looking for these types of roles, grab your up to date CV, put on a big smile and let London show you the way to victory.

Benefits: Allowing companies to really get to know you and a chance for you to show off your skills in person.

Limitations: This will take longer and require more effort from you but the reward at the end will be worthwhile.

!5 Search, Find, Meet, Repeat

Replay the process

Never stop trying! This is essential when going through this process because it can be hard and stressful but the reward at the end will all make it worthwhile. We not saying these tips will guarantee you a job first time but we can guarantee they will be useful.

It’s over to you now, just remember keep up to date with all the websites you have visited or maybe even signed up to them and bookmark them for easy access. Keep getting your name out there, in a professional manner and keep that subscription for the your local newspaper until you have found the ideal student job for you!

For part-time jobs in London head over to our website

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