London is home to 45 of the UK’s 145 universities, making it a cultural hub for those who have chosen to study in the capital. But what can they expect from the city?

1) It is a hive of new and exciting experiences

There is an abundance of festivals, eateries and must-see destinations in the capital. No matter what your interests or your budget, you can guarantee there will be something to suit your tastes, assuring that you will never be bored between lectures.

2) There are plenty of career building opportunities

London’s status as a world city means there are many opportunities to advance your career whilst studying; including a range of networking evenings, internships and work experience schemes for every industry throughout the capital.
London’s fantastic transport network also means that you can quickly and easily make your way around the city with just your Oyster Card.

3) It’s one of the greenest capitals in the world

If you’re used to lush green pastures, don’t fear. Whilst it is one of the busiest capital cities in Europe London is also one of the greenest, with an abundance of parks spread across the capital. So, if the sun’s out or you just fancy a little fresh air and greenery, there is always somewhere for you to roam.

4)There are plenty of libraries and study spaces

When exam time hits it can be easy to feel constricted and frustrated, whilst trapped in the same four walls of your university library. Luckily enough, London is full of beautiful libraries and study spaces which are guaranteed to renew your inspiration and keep you motivated.

5) It’s well connected to the rest of the UK

If you’re looking to get out of the city, even if it’s just for the day, you can hop on a train or a coach to pretty much any part of the UK. Why not take a trip to Cambridge and have a punt on the river or head down to Brighton for some fish and chips on the sea front?

London is one of the best places in the world to study, as it is full of people with different backgrounds and experiences all brought together by the rush of the city. Make sure to spend every minute of your time in the capital exploring and trying new tastes and activities, as very few cities in the world can offer you the same opportunities as London.

Article courtesy of Ashleigh Harman ( Pure Student Living )

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