Making that decision on what university to embark on is a difficult choice, with so many factors to take into consideration, how do you make sure that you that it’s the correct one?

One factor that will affect your university and your time at the institute will definitely be location and with that the types of accommodation that you’re able to live within.

When looking to find accommodation at your new institute; one thing you must consider is that you may not be able live in Halls of Residence, so therefore local transportation and convenience will be the most important accolade to have in your new property.

So how do you establish which is the right accommodation for you?

There are so many places on offer, and so many different types of accommodation that can suit your living needs, one of them is furnished accommodation, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting yourself those house basics (bed, sofa, table, etc.).

Furnished accommodation can help you save your cash and will help you throughout the year as your landlord will be forking the bill for any wear and tear goods.

The landlord will also be extra cautious when it comes to his furniture, we would recommend looking after your furniture very well as some landlords will use this as a way to take advantage if the goods aren’t returned in the exact same condition you received them.

Another is part-furnished accommodation; this will generally come as half-filled house/flat housing white goods and some of the most vital living requirements but may not include wardrobes, bedside tables etc.

When looking at Accommodation you will need to consider the area and maybe do some background research if it is a new area you are moving into. You will not know the area like others who have lived their before so maybe reach out to the accommodation services at your future university and discuss the region that you’ll be moving too.

Once you’ve decided that the accommodation you’ve selected is suitable, and that you may have ever discussed things with possible housemates or the terms with the landlord over the phone.

It makes perfect sense to arrange a visit to the property and discuss the deposit scheme in full – making sure you are protected, to find out more about a deposit scheme click here.

We understand that choosing the right accommodation comes just after choosing the right university; so to reassure that you’ve the chosen the right place throughout your accommodation process, check out University Compare.

It’s a website with thousands of reviews from real students that will also be able to shed light on their accommodation experiences with universities.

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