How to find accommodation

Looking for Student Accommodation in London ?

It has to be one of the most frequently asked questions I have encountered during my time in Student Housing.

So to start off with the most important aspects of this article I will go straight to the points that are at the forefront of Looking for student accommodation.

Whilst looking for accommodation there are 3 key things that you need to look out for

  • Location of the accommodation 
  • Price of the Property 
  • Distance to University

Alot of students ask or have looked at property that is price driven and before you go and sign a contract you will need to make sure that you are making the right decision.

From my experience I noticed that far too many students choose a property due to the cost and do not take enough time to evaluate their options and really think about the commitment they go into.


So why is Location so important and why must you really think about the demographics ? 

Besides living in a safe environment and neighbourhood there are other reasons why you should take some time to choose your Location. 

The Location brings many benefits and can really influence your experience and also decide whether or not you enjoy your stay away from home.  

Some locations have lots of amentities and have many things to offer such as convenience and Transport, and if you are not careful what is in your local area before you decide to book then it can make things such as shopping and travel a nightmare.


I have advised many students on Transport and one of the Best means of Travel is actually by Bus, you will be surprised how the Bus network works and once familiarised, how easy it is actually to travel around London.

Not only is it cost affective but alot cheaper than Tube 


So your thinking about what it will cost and the type of accommodation that you will want to live in. But when you choose an accommodation due the fact that it is within your budget then you will need to consider a few things before going ahead.

  • What does the price include ?
  • Do I need to pay bills seperatley ?

If booking with other's then you will need to think about sharing the joint responsibility of paying bills and how and when these will be paid, as many house conflicts start off with bad flat mates so its important that you think about the responsibilty of paying bills before deciding whether or not you want to live on your own or flat sharing with others.

Almost all of Private halls providers include all billls in the pricing and its worth calculating how much these things cost seperately if living on your own or in a private rented accommodation. 

The bills included in most Private Halls are :

  • Electric / Heating 
  • Gas / Hot water 
  • Internet / Wi fi  


This has to be one of the most important and if not the one of the top priorities before you live away from home and you will need to do your research really well before you make that deposit payment, as once you sign a contract and accept the keys, there is no getting out of the agreement as it is legally binding.

It can be tough finding accommodation near you place of study due to many factors, either its too expensive or in demand.

But there is a way round to choosing a location that is within proximity to your University. 

You will need to do the following:

  • Look at properties that are within walking distance - thIs will save you money on travel
  • Research your options that are within proximity - These can be Local agents/Private Halls/Landlords
  • Check out neighbouring Boroughs and Areas that are easy to travel - by Tube, Bus or even Cycling 

One thing alot of people dismiss or do not even consider is actually visiting around an area or taking a friend with you to know what it feels like from the chosen location and you will be surprised at your findings.

As some Areas that you would not have considered will be very nice to live as your perspective changes of the surroundings and options available as well as Distance to University


I hope this article has been very uselful and please do return back to read more about Looking for Student Accommodation as I will publish more articles on this subject.


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